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Research shows that people with diabetes are at significant higher risk to suffer from atherosclerosis because of their inflammatory response. In addition, if you have diabetes you also have chances for higher cholesterol, which is a defining factor in atherosclerosis and its complications. Atherosclerosis is a silent disease; this means it will not present symptoms until something like a heart attack or a stroke takes place. So what can we do in order to prevent the onset of atherosclerosis? Follow the suggested steps that won’t just help you prevent atherosclerosis but also improve your diabetes!

Quit smoking. Nowadays, it has been proven how detrimental for you overall health smoking is, so stop smocking ASAP. Every cigarette we smock has a direct negative effect in our cardiovascular system; it has been proven to cause heart attack, stroke, cancer, amputations, and many other diseases. Quit smoking will prevent you from developing atherosclerosis as well as help you control your diabetes and avoid complications.

Regular exercise. This is perhaps the golden rule of good health; an active life style goes a long way. This is how exercise helps prevent atherosclerosis. Whenever we exercise we help our body create good cholesterol (HDL) this good cholesterols helps reduce bad cholesterol. So far, win-win situation! In addition, exercising helps strengthen muscle; arteries are made of smooth muscles, so exercise keeps the blood flowing as well as a strong heart that can pump blood efficiently. People with diabetes are advised to exercise on regular basis because it helps reduce insulin resistance.

Supplements. The effectiveness of supplements has not been scientifically proven; however, doctors recommend two main supplements that might help prevent atherosclerosis. First, fish oil omega-3 fatty acids may help lower triglycerides, increase HDL levels, minimize inflammation and blood clotting as well as keep blood vessels healthy. The second recommended supplement is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This supplement helps maintain healthy blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and may help support optimal functioning of the heart muscle. Moreover, CoQ10 can help avoid oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Good dental care. Research shows that gum disease can cause or worsen atherosclerosis; as a matter of fact, people with diabetes aver very susceptible to gum disease. This tendency can be cause by the higher risk people with diabetes have to contract infections. The exact relationship between gum and heart disease has yet to be established; however, doctors believe the relationship exists because of inflammation. People with diabetes, especially the ones with constant high blood sugar levels, are more prone to gum disease. The best way to keep this in check is by brushing your teeth after meals and flossing; also going to the dentist regularly helps catch any infection before it propagates. This can help you avoid complications.

Anti-inflammatory diet. Atherosclerosis is a disease that progresses over time; it is cause by the accumulation of cholesterol deposits in the arterial walls. White blood cells are sent to these areas to help repair the damage artery, to do so our white blood cells create inflammation and the healing process starts. In the case of the artery’s walls this inflammation is not beneficial as it just makes the accumulation increase. People with diabetes tend to undergo this process a lot faster because they are more prone to inflammation. There are certain anti-inflammatory foods that we can incorporate to our diet in order to slow down this process. Some examples are soy beans, salmon, kale and whole grains.

People with diabetes need to prevent the onset of atherosclerosis as they have more chances to suffer from complication from this disease. Try to follow these 4 simple steps to prevent atherosclerosis while improving your diabetes for a healthier you in no time! Share with us how you fight atherosclerosis and improve diabetes at the same time! Leave your comments below.


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