5 Simple Ways To Prevent Hair Loss When You Have Diabetes
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Hair can set a statement about who we are or what we do; the way we keep it says a lot about our personality, character, and personal style. So, how does diabetes relate to hair? People with diabetes often experience hair loss due to side effects of this disease. When hair loss is caused by diabetes, there are certain measures we can take in order to prevent it. Continue reading for 4 simple ways to keep your hair despite having diabetes!

  • Keep it nourished. This statement goes beyond good hair products; this is about what you eat! Eating healthy foods like a bunch of veggies, fruits, and healthy grains which is key for awesome looking hair. With a proper diet your hair will grow stronger and healthier, resulting in locks that are more resistant to other factors that can trigger hair loss.
  • Don’t over style it! Styling our hair is important, it shows our personality, preferences, even mood! However, it puts the hair under a lot of strain. People with diabetes tend to have thinner hair because of the disease, so it is important to not continuously put our hair under harsh conditions that can debilitate the hair follicle even more. This includes cutting off on styling, shampooing less often, and coloring. For a healthier looking hair and for preventing hair loss, styling our locks, should be done on special occasions!
  • Don’t stress! Many people experience hair loss while under great deals of stress. If we experience stressful situations due to work, health, or just life it is normal to loss more hair than usual. However, when stress in combined with other factors it makes hair loss more prominent. Stress causes a lot of damage in our system, and our hair is just one little sign of it. To avoid losing hair due to stress, it is important to find healthy ways to deal with stress. This will show everywhere, including better looking hair.
  • Keep blood sugar levels in range. Whenever blood sugar levels are out of control the whole system struggles. High or low blood sugars create problems in the cardiovascular system; if blood sugar remains uncontrolled poor circulation develops and this directly affects hair loss. When blood is not able to reach the hair follicle, it will produce weak, thin, brittle hair that is more prone to damage. If poor circulation continues the hair follicle can die due to lack of nutrients, over time this result in balding.
  • Massage it. Massaging our scalp is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow. When blood is flowing the hair follicle is nourished which helps hair grow healthy, and prevent the hair follicle from dying. In addition, stylists swear it will make your hair grow faster! Maybe we should give it a try, use some coconut oil for extra nourishment!

Diabetes can take a toll in our hair. However, if we try to incorporate some of the tips mentioned above, we can beat the race against hair loss. A healthy diet, proper stress management, and keeping blood sugar levels under control are crucial things for people with diabetes and healthy living in general, and they will help a great deal to help keep your hair even if you have diabetes. Finally, it’s important to avoid strong chemicals in our hair that can damage the hair follicle, and spoil your strands with masks, oils, and massages to keep blood flowing and your hair looking beautiful. How do you keep your locks looking healthy? Share your experiences with us!


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