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Rich in nutrients. Nutritionists recommend eating a well balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eating salads would be the easiest, fun, and delicious way to achieve this goal.

Help you lose weight. Nothing can beat salads if you want to keep your body slim. Salads have been called “the perfect weight loss food”. Green veggies have a low Glycemic Index and reduce the total number of calories eaten during the meal. For example, 1-cup of lettuce has only 10 calories and one of spinach just 7!

Salads are superb for diabetics. Meals for diabetics don’t have to be boring! Salads are so resourceful that you can prepare them using a wide variety of veggies. You can eat them as a main course or in combination with other foods without complicating your diabetes control. 

Salads are versatile. They can be prepared in a few minutes. You could make a different salad for every meal and still come up with more variations. You will only have to let your imagination fly and be willing to try!

Salads are refreshing and help you stay hydrated. Green vegetables contain a lot of water (more than 90% by weight) and may help you keep your skin moist, especially during warm and dry days.

Salads are high in fiber. One of the main benefits of fiber is that it reduces constipation and improves intestinal health. Fiber absorbs water, increase the bulk of the stool and speed up stool transit through the intestine. Additionally, fiber helps reduce cholesterol, which in turn may lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Because green veggies have a lower glycemic index they cause smaller spikes in blood sugar levels and that is a good news for diabetics. Fiber promotes sense of fullness and helps shut off the hunger signal to your brain.


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