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Inflammation is commonly be defined as the body’s attempt to protect itself and remove harmful stimuli in order to initial the healing process in the body. Too much inflammation can cause a lot of problems in the body and has been linked to obesity and even metabolic disorders such as diabetes. There are a number of things that can lead to inflammation in the body without you even knowing about them. Let’s take a look at some things that increase the levels of inflammation in the body.

  • Sugar/synthetic sweeteners: I guess too many this may not seem as a surprise since there is a negative connotations associated with sugar and diabetes, but sugar has been known to increase the levels of inflammation in the body. Artificial sugars contain aspartame and other chemicals that have been known to increase inflammation as well.
  • Any food that is processed: any food that has a high shelf life has chemicals and harmful oils that can increase your inflammatory response.
  • Stress: too much stress messes with the body’s ability to regulate an inflammatory response which can lead to over inflammation.
  • Hidden chronic infections: small infections (yeast, bacterial etc.) can cause hidden inflammation overtime if not noticed or taken care of.
  • Lack of exercise: plaque buildup in blood vessels are caused by unwanted inflammation in the body. Exercise can increase blood flow in your blood vessels which can decrease the chances of plaque buildup due to decreased inflammation
  • Cut back on animal meats: every type of meat (except wild caught fish) have shown to increase the amount of inflammation in the body so make sure this isn’t the primary part of your meal when dining in or out.

Inflammation can spiral out of control very easily especially with today’s diet and lifestyle. That is why it is important to find some of the things that increase inflammation and prevent yourself from becoming over inflamed. If you can cut back on the inflammation you will notice positive changes in both your weight and your diabetes. Have you ever done anything to reduce the amount of inflammation in your body? Let us know how it affected your weight and diabetes in the comments below!!


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