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While acne is not a threatening health issue, it can cause one to feel insecure and potentially scar the face. For those with diabetes, this epidermal condition is significantly more likely to occur and be more difficult to manage. Many individuals turn to an assortment of skin care products in order to combat acne’s occurrence, but in truth there are natural remedies which can help alleviate it just as effectively. In today’s article, we will provide a recipe for a strawberry face mask that is effective against this epidermal condition and any scarring it may cause.





The easiest way to go about creating the mix is to place all the ingredients in a blender. Once all the foods are properly blended together, you can begin to gently apply the cream to your face. Leave the mask on for approximately 10 minutes, and then rinse it off the skin with water. Make sure to use soft circular motions when doing so, as this will prevent irritation and exfoliate the skin even further.


How it works: 

Strawberries naturally contain a compound known as salicylic acid which is potent against acne. In fact, it is a key ingredient many skin medications use in order to combat this epidermal condition. In addition, yogurt contains an important nutrient known as vitamin B5 which can help lighten acne scars. Honey also combats acne, and can help reduce the redness and irritation it may cause.


Keep in mind that one should be cautious about using any sort of facial mask if they have any infections or cuts on their face




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