diabetes diet and coconut water benefits for health
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Coconuts have been recently getting popular around the world, researchers are finding out how nutritious and refreshing the water inside of them is. Coconut water has been the choice drink in many tropical regions. Street vendors have been selling them for many years and would simply cut them open to sell. At some points in its history coconut water has been used as an emergency saline drip for soldiers in World War 2 and this practice continues to this day in many impoverished regions of the world. With summer just around the corner this drink is great to replenish any lost energy and beat the heat.

The fruit’s water is an excellent choice for any diabetic, its low calorie and sugar content alone should intrigue you. But it is also packed with potassium, important minerals, and essential fatty acids that provide many benefits to the body. Regular intake leads to kidney stone prevention due to potassium content. One cup has:

  • 46 calories, 0.48 grams of fat, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 6 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

These provide an all-natural beverage that will rehydrate the body equally to both water and sports drinks. Please be aware that that anything in excess is detrimental to your health.

Coconut water has been found to have cytokinins, which contain antioxidant properties that help reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals, cardiovascular disease, and prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes. This wonderful drink also helps alleviate diarrhea, which is frequently used in the tropics.

With obesity being a common trait amongst diabetic, coconut water can be used for weight loss. The sweet water helps subdue cravings, has no cholesterol, and low sugar content which can easily substitute any soft drink. Take care when consuming water from coconuts, its pulp may accidently be ingested. The pulp is a thick white substance that is high in fat and sugar which can easily spike your sugar levels. Green coconuts (young) are where the water comes from and not its brown variant (old). After opening the fruit please store the water inside a refrigerator as it will turn sour if left outside for too long.


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