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Perhaps you know the feeling; you wake up—and even before getting out of bed—you are overwhelmed with all you have to accomplish. The end goal, or goals, seem a worlds-away and hardly attainable. So, instead of getting your day started by taking heed of the tasks that you ought to do, you find yourself not knowing where to start and rather dillydallying, only delaying the desired end result.

A diabetes diagnosis, no matter which point in your life it comes, is frustrating and much of that frustration, or overwhelming feeling, stems from confusion; what is diabetes? Why did I get diabetes? Could I have prevented it? What if I can’t exercise today? Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that chocolate? Those questions and many more can swirl around the mind forming a fog that builds up and prevents clarity.

Now, let’s talk about how the first scenario (waking up overwhelmed by tasks) compares to the latter (confusion associated with diabetes). One stellar way of avoiding dillydallying due to looming tasks is by breaking them down—simply start by making a ‘to do’ list. By defining necessary tasks, down to even the most obvious ones like washing dishes, the day not only seems much more manageable but you will feel more productive, leading you to accomplish more with less stress.

There comes a certain understanding when you are able to grasp things one at a time. The same goes for living a life with diabetes—knowing what you are dealing with, understanding the disease the best you can, knowing how to manage it the easiest way possible, will make life with diabetes less stressful. Breaking things down will disperse any fog caused from confusion.

Sure you can’t be perfect, and it’s vital to accept that, but knowing what you’re dealing with and having all and any resources necessary to answer questions—a life with diabetes doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Find what it is that makes your diabetes seem more manageable: schedule time for working out, write a list of foods to incorporate in your daily diet, make time to acknowledge any accomplishments and never dwell on any over-indulgences.


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