When we received the diagnosis of a chronic condition, we face a great challenge, one of which we aspire to emerge triumphant.

So we must decide whether denying the situation or deal with it. We must choose if we are going to succumb in depression or to only take it as a bump in the road.

In these cases, there is a word that we must learn and remember. This word is RESILIENCE and it is defined as the ability to face adversity emerging stronger and reaching a state of personal and professional excellence.

In psychology, the term refers to the ability to overcome periods of trauma and emotional pain.

From neuroscience is considered that the most resilient people have greater emotional balance when dealing against stressful situations and better pressure support. This allows them to have a sense of control against events and greater capacity to face them (Resilience Spanish Institute).

Resilience attitude challenges your thought process to go from a NEGATIVE RESPONSE: “It always happens to me” to a more POSITIVE RESPONSE: ” I can handle this”, “I’ll Overcome it”.

Therefore we conclude: It’s ALL about attitude. You need to learn to react, respond and recover.


About the author

Dr. Maritza Bendayan

Dr. Maritza Bendayan

Clinical psychologist with a specialization in Cognitive Psychotherapy. Maritza has more that 30 years of experience as part of a multidisciplinary team for the management of conduct, development and Child neurology; Endocrine-Pediatrics and Diabetes Obesity.


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