erectile dysfunction management and diabetes
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Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that affects between 35%-75% of all diabetic men. This disorder makes it difficult for males to maintain an erection that is adequate for sexual function. The chances of developing erectile dysfunction increases as an individual become older; and are further compounded by health risks that contribute to its development. In today’s post, we’ll cover what this disorder is, and provide some ways diabetics can prevent or minimize the impact it has on their sexual performance.

Sexual disorders are complex health issues that occur due to multiple biological systems working improperly. For men, especially those with diabetes, it often involves problems with their blood flow that leaves their genital regions without feeling. This is because if this debilitating disease is not managed, it can destroy crucial vessels and nerves that are necessary for proper sexual function. In particular, diabetics are known to be 3 to 5 times more likely than non-diabetic males to develop erectile dysfunction.

Other factors are known to contribute to the development of this sexual disorder as well. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are also health risks which increase one’s chance of developing diabetes or further worsening it. Being overweight, smoking and not getting enough exercise are all known to contribute to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes health complications caused by diabetes, such as heart disease and depression can also play a role in the development of sexual disorders.

Understandably, it can be difficult to talk about erectile dysfunction with your physician, since many of us see sex as a personal matter that is typically only discussed with our loved ones. Keeping this in mind, there are some steps one can take personally to help alleviate the symptoms of this disorder. To start, it is best to eliminate factors that are known to worsen or lead to the development of erectile dysfunction. This can mainly be done through proper nutrition and regular aerobic exercise–both of which will increase blood flow while preventing the occurrence of obesity, heart disease and depression. However, we do insist to visit a doctor if even after adopting better habits your sexual performance is still hindered. Only a physician will be able to provide you with effective recommendations and potent medications to solve problems such as erectile dysfunction. The latter has had astounding success in being able to help individuals overcome their sexual disorders while having few dangerous side effects.


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