diabetes and how to manage emotions
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It’s almost too easy to beat yourself up because of the fact that you have diabetes. In fact, for many, it’s probably easier to be a victim of the disease than not. But the truth is, in the 21st century, having diabetes does not have to define you—it’s merely a challenge that, with proper assessment, knowledge, and care—is manageable.

Sure, if it were a choice, nobody would choose to live with diabetes, but having the disease does not define you, your life and your choices. Living with diabetes presents challenges, and since the challenges are inevitable, it’s absolutely necessary that you take charge, arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to live your life and properly manage the disease. Some challenges in life are chosen, while others choose you.

Now, for example, if come tomorrow you decide you want to run a marathon, would you just ignore all the training necessary and hope for the best all 26.2 miles? Would you just sign up and show up at the starting line and anticipate crossing the finish? It’s highly unlikely. While running a marathon is not a disease and it is a choice, it’s still a challenge where many mental and physical challenges are necessary in order to prepare and succeed. Also, during marathon prep time, things can occur that you didn’t account for—maybe an injury that puts you off your feet for a couple days—but it’s important to asses that injury or situation, give yourself time to heal, and then get ready to keep on.

While navigating a life with diabetes, it’s vital to know that you are not alone—it’s a disease that affects millions and there are resources, like Diabetv, that can help guide you. Diabetv was created to help connect those living with the disease to both physical and emotional wellness. Everything you need to effectively manage your diabetes is already within—Diabetv was merely crafted to be a tool to help harness and grow that power.


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