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As part of our campaign for the “World Diabetes Day” we have contacted people who daily faces the task of living with Diabetes.

This is the remarkable story of Gavin Griffiths, The Diathlete.

There is so much to tell about his life and what he is doing all over the world, that we couldn’t pass when the opportunity showed up of reaching to him and let Gavin himself tell us his amazing journey against Diabetes.

DIABETV – ¿What is your history and why the need to make and develop a blog?

GAVIN – I was diagnosed with type 1 aged 8 on the turn of the Millennium. To me that was the turning point and if anything my diabetes has motivated me to achieve more with my life. I run ultra marathons and endure extreme challenges to support the cause and have succeeded in many events over the years since the age of 17 – where I ran 29 miles in just 3 hours 1 minute! I believe that there is an added responsibility for your health every day with type 1 diabetes, but if you can keep a positive attitude and master that responsibility than diabetes cannot hold you back in anything in life! Type 1 diabetes cannot prevent you from fulfilling your dreams in life.

My blog aims to capture my accomplishments to benefit others living with type 1 diabetes and maybe even some others in general. As a Diathlete my objective is to educate people in type 1 diabetes awareness; encourage others affected by diabetes to achieve their goals; and entertain audiences for the good of the cause.

DIABETV – ¿How do you see the future of Diabetes and it’s treatment?

GAVIN – Where personally for me running ultra challenges may not ultimately change the world for diabetes, the point that counts the most which has even seen me succeed in running 900 miles, the length of the UK, in just 30 days is the crucial one; anything is possible. So for the future we should bare that in mind, developments are happening all of the time and there are many awesome people out there supporting further funds towards research, meaning progress is always being made. Maybe one day in the future we shall have a cure, however, until that day I encourage all to live life to the full, make the most of every day and NEVER let diabetes hold you back!

DIABETV – ¿What do you think it can be done for making a better job with Diabetes awareness worldwide?

GAVIN – As previously mentioned anything is possible and therefore I encourage those living with diabetes to believe in that and believe in themselves. Your work to raise awareness, putting the word out in work places or schools is highly valued and those that work to support charities and good causes in aid of diabetes (both types) makes all the difference. It is all about making people listen and if they aren’t listening – shout a little bit louder. I ran the United Kingdom in 30 days when I was told that was impossible and foolhardy – here I still am having succeeded perfectly healthy and I know it was something that has inspired others towards controlling there levels, living life and participating in sports. I’m prepared to go a step further in future, maybe even over in the USA one day, so my advice is always be prepared to give more and give your everything – follow your hearts!

The picture above is Gavin, from the time he was selected to carry the torch before the London Olympics Games. He describes it as the best moment of his life.

You can find, contact and learn more about Gavin through his blog – http://diathlete.org/ – where you can also engage with him via Facebook and Twitter.

Gavin is an example of how you can live a great and normal life with Diabetes and make the best out of every situation.


Thanks Gavin!


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