The Power of Imagination in Controlling Diabetes


Adequate control of diabetes requires a stable mental health. Putting your imagination into action can be an important component of your treatment plan. Your imagination could be a key factor in balancing your emotions to manage appropriately Diabetes.

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word imagination is that we are dealing with something that is “unreal”. That might be true but those images, thoughts, and even words that stem from your imagination may have real implications for our mental or body health. It is quite possible that our brain cannot discern between an imaginary experience from a real one. Therefore, our imagination could be an effective tool to deal with the emotions associated with diabetes, which if not properly handled could lead to depression, stress, and frustration. So, the key to gain control of your emotions may be inside yourself.

Dr. Stanley Fisher (1970), in his book “Discovering the Power of Self- Hypnosis”, stated that: “The power to bring about changes is within ourselves waiting to be exploited”. Fisher started a “Therapeutic Revolution” developing a variety of strategies to help individuals overcome their own limitations. Fisher says: “We can teach our conscious mind to engage actively in pursuing internal journeys for discovery and self empowering”. In other words, your imagination can be used as a two-way communication avenue between your mind and body.

It is important to learn from children. As Sam Levenson said: “One of the virtues of being young is that you do not allow facts to interfere with your imagination”. If you guide your imagination you can get your mind focused on a specific image. You can imagine you are in a special location where you feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. This imaginary place could be anywhere; your mind has no limit. You can practice your mind guidance following these simple steps:

  1. Pick a quiet and peaceful place anywhere you like.
  2. Lay down on the floor in an horizontal position facing up and place a pillow under your head.
  3. Close your eyes. Count to four and inhale air and keep it inside during four counts. Exhale in four counting.
  4. Focus on the movement of your abdominal muscles. When you inhale your abdomen and hands go up. Count four and exhale; your abdomen and hands go down.
  5. Repeat this procedure several times until you feel relaxed. Imagine that you already are in your favorite spot or paradisiac place you love.
  6. Star creating those special images you have envisioned.

Drs. David Sobel and Robert Ornstein in their book “The Healthy Mind Healthy Body” give two examples that illustrates well how your mind can help manage chronic diseases such as Diabetes:

  • You can imagine insulin as “tiny keys that open thousand of hungry cells that allow glucose to enter from the blood and nourish them”.
  • Imagine an alarm that goes off and wakes up the pancreas to start producing insulin”.

As long as you keep repeating this exercise, eventually those images will be fixed in your mind and will work as you expected. Your mind has the capability to transform negative experiences into positive ones. You only have to use your imagination and learn to trust yourself!



Note: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice for any questions regarding a medical condition or changes in your treatment.


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Dr. Maritza Bendayan

Dr. Maritza Bendayan

Clinical psychologist with a specialization in Cognitive Psychotherapy. Maritza has more that 30 years of experience as part of a multidisciplinary team for the management of conduct, development and Child neurology; Endocrine-Pediatrics and Diabetes Obesity.

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