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The Reishi or Ling Zhi mushroom, depending on which side of the Orient you visit, has had a long and rich history that spans many centuries. Another well-respected mushroom in ancient herbal medicine, Chinese royalty named it “Mushrooms of Immortality”. This has been its name since the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shin Huang. Due to its supposed health benefits such as longevity and an overall improvement to the body, this fungus was reserved to those of high status. In recent decades the West has gained more knowledge on the true effects of the fungus and how it could provide optimal health to the body.

Reishi mushroom has been described as woody, tough, and extremely bitter. This bitter taste comes from ganoderic acids which bring incredible cancer fighting properties that can combat breast, prostate, and lung cancer (tests have shown a higher degree of protection from this cancer than the others). The mushroom also helps reduce the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and has various antioxidant effects. Most recommended mushrooms have these qualities and more.

Much like the shiitake mushroom, reishi helps boost the immune system. This gives the body antibacterial and antiviral protection. It is highly effective at treating strep throat and controlling herpes outbreaks.

Recent studies have shown that the reishi mushroom may be a wonderful tool in diabetic care. Animal testing shows that regular intake significantly lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic mice. Another experiment shows that after an eight-week period the animals experienced reduced kidney stress, lowered cholesterol levels, and received anticoagulant properties (reduces risk of cardiovascular disease).

Please be careful when buying the reishi mushroom as they are purely a medicinal food and while there are some recipes that include the fungus, the nutrition value of it raw is rather low. The best way to reap the benefits of this amazing mushroom is too acquire them in:

  • Extracts
  • Tablets/capsules
  • Boiled into tea or soups

This natural remedy helps alleviate diabetic symptoms and prevents further complications that are heightened due to the diabetes.


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