fitness tips for diabetes type 2
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Combined with diet and medication, exercise is a crucial element, which completes the triangle of diabetes type 2 management. The positive benefits on the body seem to be endless. Exercise helps to control and maintain a healthy body weight. While at the same time; improving the body’s use of insulin and increases both bone and muscle density and strength. Those looking to begin a workout regimen are recommended to initially visit their doctor to complete a stress test In order to safely begin a fitness routine.

Experts agree that as little as thirty minutes of moderate-intensity exercise three days a week is highly beneficial to the human body, especially individuals with Diabetes type 2.

Thirty minutes may seem a little intimidating to some beginners, in which case one can work their way up to thirty minutes a day by separating moderate-intensity activities into two fifteen minutes segments.

Numerous studies have been conducted by medical professionals on the impacts of increasing the time and intensity of exercising with diabetes type 2. According to diabetesjournals.org,

“These results provide support for encouraging type 2 diabetic individuals who are already exercising at moderate intensity to consider increasing the intensity of their exercise in order to obtain additional benefits in both aerobic fitness and glycemic control.”

Here are some tips to assist in maintaining your workout regimen.

  • Set goals.

Have a goal in mind. Whether it’s a desired weight or fitness level, striving for a goal will help to maintain focus.

  • Write down your goals.

Writing down your goals gives you something visual to see and touch, as well as the sense of accomplishment when you attain the goal.

  • Workout with a friends

Having another person there for you benefits both individuals. Knowing that someone is counting on you can help to motivate, as well as assist one another when workouts become difficult.

  • Join a local fitness group.

Parks across the nation have morning and afternoon fitness groups of all levels. They meet to work out and motivate each other.

  • Purchase a new pair of sneakers or fitness attire.

While serving as a visual reminder, your new gear will get you excited to get out there and exercise.

  • Reward yourself.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Treat yourself to a movie, a book, a well deserved day off or something meaningful to you.

Exercising with diabetes type 2 is not something to fear or fret over. In fact, the benefits on your overall physical and mental health give you something to look forward to! The impact of thirty minutes, three days a week can greatly improve your way of life. The endorphins released during physical activity with put a little “pep in your step” and cause that smile of yours to shine brighter. Start the next chapter of your life today!


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