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Diabetes affects more than 372 million of people worldwide, leaving many suffering from overweight, fatigue, and weakness, and when untreated: visual, neurological and cardiovascular damage. While there is no cure for diabetes, many people living with the disease have found relief in exercise and/or workout routine. One of these activities is Yoga, which is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

Yoga focuses on breathing and movement that can boost circulation, especially in the extremities. It is one of few exercises that engage the entire body in motion with the breath, circulating the blood through parts that might otherwise go unused in our daily routine.

According to Mary Connor, a Miami-based yoga instructor who specializes in rehabilitating students recovering from injuries and chronic diseases like diabetes in her classes, yoga can help at any stage. “I have worked with people that had gone blind or lost feeling in their hands and feet from type 2 diabetes. We modified the poses until they are able to do them independently and comfortable by the end,” says Connor. “Through yoga, that feeling of powerlessness is gone.”

In addition to breathing exercises that yoga offers, the meditation segment included in most classes has been shown to encourage proper functioning of the endocrine glands through relaxing the sympathetic nervous system.

The benefits don’t stop there. It also can help patients with the condition on more fundamental levels as well by integrating the mind with the body. Yoga can relieve the daily stresses that often lie at the heart of diabetic symptoms.

Like we always say: Be active = Be healthy.


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